What Does A Corky Dog Breed Look Like?


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There is no breed of dog called a Corky, however if you mean Corkie then these are the result of a hybrid between a Cocker Spaniel and a Yorkshire Terrier. Therefore they are not classed as a breed of dog as such for they are not a pedigree. You will find some rather cute pictures of a Corkie puppy at - More pictures of a variety of Corkie dogs can be viewed at Although not classed as a purebred due to being a mix of two breeds, many argue that hybrids can be healthier due to coming from two separate gene pools.

If you are thinking about getting a dog, it is always worth doing your research and making sure the dog is from a reputable breeder or owner. Many dogs are simply bred to sell on at a frequent rate and so they are not looked after correctly.

You may also wish to consider going to a rescue center and giving a dog a second chance and a loving home they deserve and will certainly appreciate. You will also be safe in the knowledge the center has sorted any medical needs of the dog and can give you expert advice on how to care for the dog.
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Carmel color with white on chest and four white paws. The dog is very good with kids and quiet, easily trained and loves to cuddle. They are a bigger dog about the size of a lab. The face looks almost like a pit bull, but a bigger smile. Hope this helps.
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Actually, there isn't a "Corky" dog breed, but there is a mix between a Cocker Spaniel and a Yorkshire Terrier that is called a "Corkie." If that's what you're asking about, they don't get very big at all - they usually end up less than 5 pounds. They are extremely cute (I think, and I'm a big dog person!), and can come in many different color patterns, as most mixed breed dogs do.

Try goggling "Corkie dog" to see some pictures.

Or maybe you're asking about a "Corgi" dog. That's an entirely different question, and an entirely different looking dog. Still not a large dog - they have pretty short legs - but bigger than 5 lbs. They end up being about 25 to 30 lbs, but are very low to the ground. They are a herding dog.
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Corky dog is a mix between a Corgi and a Yorkie. The first generation is a division of both breeds. The mixing of both breeds is random as if rolling dice. But...If one of the parents has been saturated by 'inbreeding' this will pull all pups towards that breed in looks. If we assume that both parents are equal as to the purity of the breed (which is never the case) and .. If we assume that both parents are 'pure of breed' in which no one has falsified paperwork or added other breeds into the mix, then we can begin to answer your question. Since a Corgi can have more pups than a Yorkie, we shall assume the female is the Corgi and the male is the Yorkie. 8 pups= 6 short corgi coats/2med corgi coats. All pups will have sparse longer outer coat hairs making the pup look shaggy. This will happen as the pup ages. Yorkie coats grow, Corgi coats don't. These pups will need to be hand scissored unless one likes the shaggeled look. 6 tri colored with Black being dominate on all 6. There should be one sable and one pup with only a tad of mixed black on the tips. All will have white spotting with white paws, tip of tail, chest and muzzle. All will have erect ears. All  will have longer legs than the Mother. All pups will be girthier than the yorkie parent but not girthier than the corgi parent. All pups tails will be short but not a stump. All tails will curl slightly up as a saber sword. Muzzles will be longer than the corgi parent and girthier than the yorkie parent. All pups will have facial hairs pop out here and there and hair inside the ears to some extent. If both parents are of show stock, all pups will have dark eyes.

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I have two corkies (cocker spaniel/yorkie mixes). When they were born there were six of them and they were rather large. I honestly have no idea how the mother survived it. They fit perfectly in my hand. Anyways they were black and brown. 

The coloring was exactly like that of a yorkie. Also they didn't shed, but the hair was a lot softer than a yorkie's. Now keep in mind that every single one of these pups were a bit different than the others. 

Some had shorter legs, some were just way heavier, some had pointier faces while others had a rounder cocker face, and one even had random whites spots on it's back like some cocker's do, and some had wavy hair while other's was more straight. However all had downward floopy ears. They were beautiful, which is why I ended up keeping two myself. 

Now that they're two years old, my female weighs around 18-19 pounds, while the male weighs in at 22-24. He's a bit chunky though. She's got a pointier face and long legs, he's shorter with a rounder face. They both have yorkie coloring though. 

Let me tell you these dogs are WONDERFUL. I wish they were a breed because I don't think it gets any better and I would be loyal to them for the rest of my life. 

They're VERY lovable and sweet, but still very athletic. They're obsessed with fetching and LOVE LOVE LOVE to swim. It must be the cocker in them. They DON'T SHED! Which is marvelous. 

We're all very active and always outside so I tend to keep mine with trimmed hair. 

However, I've seen some of they're siblings (with different hair do's) and the coat grows very long and hangs in their face. It's still softer than a yorkie, but like I said no shedding. Outside of their exercise time these dogs are very mellow and good listeners. 

Mine were very easy to train, and understand many things they're told. We get compliments on them ALL THE TIME wherever we take them. 

People want to know what they are because they're so darling, but then also are surprised that a smaller dog can act so well behaved. Like I said they're very intelligent, you can tell by the way they study things and what's said to them.

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