How Can You Tell How Old A Puppy Is And What Breed Its From?


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I have had many dogs. The best way to find out its breed is to ask the original owner! With one of my puppies, we thought it was a schnauzer after extensive research on the internet. But after asking the original owner who bred her mother, he admitted that she is a Jack Russell mixed with Silky Terrier. How strange is that?!

If you don't have any sort of access to the original owner however, there are many websites you can get a best guess from.
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Well, the most effective way that I have uses was to look at their teeth to determine how old they are, now if you're truly committed to finding the breed or breeds of your canine companion you should definately go to your local PetSmart• and inquire about the DNA swap kit for dog breeds it. Effectively gives you their breed as well as their ancestor breeds. It's a method I have used for my own dogs. I hope my information was helpful.
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I have same problem friend gave me a dog.. Don't know how old it is or what breed it is.. You think I should go to a vet?

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