How Can U Tell If Your shihtzu Is A Pure Breed?


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You would have been given papers to this effect whenever you purchased your dog .
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Your AKC (or similar reputable registry for country) registration from a good breeder is your reasonable reassurance of pure bred.
If pure bred and papers are important to someone or they are considering breeding one day it has to be factored into before getting a pup since there is nothing that can be done about it after. The papers have to come from the breeder and follow the line as they show a tracked lineage. If it wasn't important when you got your pup then since it doesn't effect your pups ability to be a great pet it's not the end of the world if you can't get AKC papers from them now.
AKC has a couple of pet programs you can register your pup with once your pup is altered and can participate in events other than conformation (which has a base in breeding and you need lineage for breeding) if you are interested you could look into the PAL and canine partners programs. The breed parent club is the first link for you.

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