How Long Do Puppies Need To Stay With Their Mother Before Going To Another Home?


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New born puppies need some time with their mothers before they go a new owner - it’s important that they have time to bond before they are given away to a new master or mistress. In general, your puppy will need to spend two months with its mother to develop properly and be happy in a new environment. There are actually government regulations about these intervals - some states set a time period of eight weeks, and others require a full nine weeks of bonding time between a puppy and its mother - then, the animal can be legally passed on to a new owner. To be on the safe side, check laws for your state, province or region before giving a puppy away.

During the bonding phase, puppies should be exposed to plenty of contact with human beings. Cuddling, petting, and walking your puppy will be very important - if a newborn canine doesn’t have this kind of close contact with people, it may not learn the social skills it need to thrive later on. The health of newborn puppies can also be a factor - since these animals are quite delicate, keeping young puppies close to home will allow them to avoid pathogenic bacteria that can make them sick. Some pet breeders wait as long as three months before passing dogs on to different owners - however, other breeders argue that this is actually too long. Eight to nine weeks of personal time between a puppy and its mother is the accepted norm for most reputable breeders.

In some cases, a puppy deprived of time with his or her mother will be difficult to train properly; the dog may grow aggressive and hard to control. Since a puppy’s brain is still growing and changing until seven weeks of age, it is a critical time in the animal’s psychological development. Allowing a young dog to spend this crucial period with its litter mates and mother will give the animal the proper atmosphere for optimum development - the puppy will be happier and healthier.
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Aside from nursing, and receiving their food, there are extremely important socialization skills that the mother teaches her young puppies. They learn there is a place for "potty", and a place to "sleep", and the mother teaches these are different! What we call "bite inhibition" is a very important social skill, where puppies learn thru interactive play with each other and mom, that small play bites are acceptable, but sinking those shark like puppy teeth to draw blood is not! Many studies have been done on canines, and it is generally accepted that puppies should remain with their dam (mother) for a minimum of 8 weeks. There are circumstances and specific issues which can and do effect this, breed, mom's mothering instincts, health of puppies and mom. There are what canine breeders refer to as "windows" when puppies are most able to benefit from learned behaviour and skills. It is similar to the humans window for learning language. Breeding and raising happy healthy puppies is serious business. The first few weeks of life, are strong determining factors in the temperament, and attitude of dogs. Please see me for more details, and raise up a litter of wonderful dogs!
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Hi sourapple,

Puppies should NEVER be taken from their mothers before they are 8 weeks old, any vet will tell you this.

When we were blessed with 11 puppies almost 15 years ago, we kept them until 8 weeks, having people come in to look at and choose their new baby. Some folks chose and paid for their new addition right away, but NONE OF THEM took their new baby home before 8 weeks of age.

Another suggestion that I have for you is to bring a towel when you pick your baby up and rub it all over the mom. This towel will have the comforting smell of her mom for your new baby to sleep with, making it a bit easier for her adjustment.

Best of luck and health to your new baby!

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6 weeks is too young fr a puppy to leave its mother. I currently own a one month old puppy who was separated from its mother and she is seriously traumatized. Poor thing. Please do not buy or sell a puppy that is not at least 2 months old.
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I am a breeder of  Miniature Schnauzers and I never let the pups go before 7 1/2 to 8 weeks of age.. They have less social problems and most of them have stopped nursing on their own by that time..If weaned to early I have seen some of them nursing on stuffed toys or their bed ect.
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It is illegal to adopt a puppy out, before the age of 8 weeks old, at the youngest, no sooner than that. With Toy breeds like Chihuahuas, it's much better for the puppy, to wait until the puppy is 12 weeks old. This is the time that the puppy will learn certain behaviors from the mother, that will give them better temperaments later in life.ADD: This is to Shagirl! 6 weeks old is way too young to take a puppy away from it's mom and it's siblings. When I used to breed Chihuahuas, none of my puppies ever were adopted out, before they were at least 12 weeks old. Larger breed dogs, can be adopted out a 8 weeks old at the youngest!
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The best time is at 8 weeks old. Earliest, I would say no more than 6 weeks old.... sometimes even that can be too soon. Best to wait if you can. I think it is better in the long run.
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The puppies can leave their mother as soon as they're weaned, but this is rarely before six weeks as the other answer says. If you get it before you will probably spend a lot of time comforting it, particularly at night. This isn't good as the puppy will get used to sleeping with you/ sitting on you 24/7 very quickly, and you will find it hard to reverse.
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I didnt know cause im 13yrs old and a lady is giving a chihuahua to my dad and my dad to me but i wanted it early than i started thinking if it will be ok
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Breeders are all different, from personal experience of raising collie pups we didnt wean them from their mother until they were eating dry puppy food on their own and they were 6 weeks of age.
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I raise Pitbulls and American Bulldogs, they actually only HAVE to be with there mother for the first 72 hours to get the special nutrients from the mothers milk that is released right after birth. But usually at 5-6 weeks they are ready to leave. At 3 weeks you can start feeding them "mush"...we use puppy-chow and powdered milk/water in a blender so when they can eat on there own they are ready. What kind of pups do you have?
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At 4 wks old they should have been wormed 2 times , at 2 wks and 4 wks, and they should be started on soft food but on the mom a little bit still. Weaning should be gradual not abrupt. They need to be wormed every 2 wks until 4 mo old, first shots at 7 wks.

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