How Often Do Goats Breed?


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Goats inhabiting regions where the climate is warm and tropical breed throughout the year; however in cooler climes the breeding season shortens considerably from about September to December extending to the start of spring.

The male goat known as buck or stud is capable of breeding when it is about six weeks old while the female goat called as doe can be bred when they are about six months of age; the breeding age would differ according to the species and pedigree breeders prefer to initiate the process when the doe is about 16 months old.

The natural signs displayed by the doe during the breeding season are a continuous swishing of the tail and bleats often; the gestation period is generally about 5 months with the doe usually giving birth to two kids at a time. In recent times along with natural breeding artificial insemination techniques are being extensively employed by goat breeders.

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