How Old Does A Puppy Have To Before You Can Worm It?


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Around 4 -5 weeks old, however be careful of the type of product you use, there are some out there that can do a lot of damage to your dog, than good. We use a product called D Worm 60, our vet check the ingredients and gave us the okay. If you have questions about the product call a vet and read them the ingredients and they will inform you whether or not to give it to your puppy. Also make sure you, pick up all their fecal matter after giving them the wormer, to prevent re-infestation!!!!
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To Kelsey2 if you female or Dam has worms before giving birth most likely the puppies will have them at birth. And you deffinately cannot deworm a newborn puppy. Just to be on the safe side I would wait until they are at least 6 weeks old. And like everyone else mentioned carefully read the instructions and be sure to weigh your puppy before administering the medications.
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I got my chihuahua dewormed when she was 6weeks old once, they told me to start getting their shots and everything around 6-12weeks..shes still little so now I have to wait until shes 11-12weeks for her to start getting all the other shots and dewormering medicine..
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Puppies can start being wormed safely at around 4 weeks of age. Before you worm your puppy, weigh her and read the directions CAREFULLY! It can be dangerous stuff if given in the wrong dosage. Read the label on the bottle, too. Some wormer's suggest that their brand not be used until a pup is 12 weeks of age.
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You can get the dewormer from the vet for litter and Dam as early as 2 to 4 weeks of age but never give anything on your own or you may kill them. They can not have anything from a pet or grocery store (OTC) at that age and is preferable not to give period really since can be very dangerous and aren't the same as the ones professionals use and aren't effective on many parasites (mainly one). Otherwise puppy sets may start at 6 weeks with a parvo vaccine and dewormer and full sets usually start around 8 weeks. Give your vet a call and they will advise you when you need to go in.
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Well most people say 6 weeks but I think when they are old enough to get worms they you should worm them because my dog just had 6 puppies and we didn't know when to worm them until we came here and well all I am trying to say is we all have are own opinions but I say when they get worms well then I am going to worm them  

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