My Chihuahua Has A Red Swollen Bump On The Inner Side Of His Leg, Down Near His Paw That He Keeps Licking Raw...what Is This And What Should I Do At Home Before Taking Him To The Vet As A Last Resort?


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I'm not a Vet. But have you tried soaking his leg in Epsom salts and fairly hot water added as frequently as the dog can stand? Secondly, I would advise you to put Polysporin on it every day and try and bandage it with those elastic bandages you can get in any sports store that they tape up their hockey sticks with. There is a bandage on the market that has a bad taste which I bought for my dogs over the Internet and that seemed to work and stop them from trying to get the bandage off.
My third question is: "Are you using Swiffer Wet Pads to clean your floors?" I have been told that using that chemical on the foors, while even dry, a dog will smell the aroma set off by the Swiffer and beging to lick the area. This was probably caused by the chemical, so think back and try and figure out when he or you noticed it. Again, Try the Epsom Salt methiod and Polysporin and let me know how you make out. I know Vet's cost a lot of money, but if you had it on your heel, I'm sure you would have it looked after. I'm sure he is in a lot of pain and the only way he knows is to lick it.
Dogs will lick the wound raw, right to the bone, so I would suggest that if these things don't work, take your dog immediately in for some anti-biotics.
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My dog has it too inside his paw and it has happened three times this past to weeks but usually it goes away after a day and I put vix on her.

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