Can I Give My Cat Olive Oil For Constipation?


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Yes you can. You can add olive oil or fish oil in her canned food. I hope she would be good soon otherwise, you have to see the vet.
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Feline constipation can be the result of many things.

If it is as simple as not enough liquid in the diet, encourage more water consumption or give low sodium chicken broth on a daily basis.

I feed my cats 1 teaspoon of regular All Bran every couple of days --- they love it & gobble it down better than some cat treats. Just crumble it in a bowl or mix into their food.

If you have just started giving your cat olive oil, it is likely to take several days to produce a bowel movement.  If the cat has been constipated for more than a few days, a trip to the vet would be in order to rule out the possibility of something potentially serious; the vet might have to administer an enema or suppositories or an oral laxative.  (DON'T TRY THESE ON YOUR OWN! )
You can get a lot of information (technical) at:
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Sure you can if he will eat it . Put it on a piece of liversausage....
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I just spoke to a vet and they said DO NOT give your cat olive oil or any other type of oil unless given to you by your vet because it can be damaging to the cats Pancreas!!!

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