How Do You Get Rid Of Constipation In A Dog?


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The short answer is by ensuring that the dog get lots of exercise and eats a healthy diet supplemented by fruits and bran. You may also add some mineral or vegetable oil to the dog's food, as this will help soften the stool and loosen the impaction. Other cures include the use of specially formulated canine fibre products or food additives, or by simply moistening your dog's food with a little bit of water.

Diet and exercise will be your key focuses in alleviating your dog's constipation. An adult dog should be able to participate in at least two daily walks and must be fed an appropriate diet of quality dog food and few treats with nothing being offered from the dinner table. That's right, Rover will have to go without people food.

Well, processed people food anyway. Fruits and vegetables that are high in fibre can be added to your dog's meals to encourage healthier digestion and thus work to reverse constipation. Bran can also be mixed in with kibble, but don't get too experimental in what you add; the wrong foods can worsen your dog's condition. Absolutely do not feed your dog anything with added preservatives, and be sure to research which foods you should and should not feed him.

Most pet stores will sell pills or food additives that are meant to aid in your dog's digestion. Some of these products will be designed for softening stool, which makes them ideal to use when your pet is constipated. Avoid adding human supplements to your dog's food however, as these might cause the dog harm.

Finally, if you moisturise your dog's food through either mineral or vegetable oil, or simply through water, the extra moisture will help to soften the hardened stool in your dog's system. If you are using oil, do be mindful of how much you add. For a large dog, you're looking at adding a couple of teaspoons, tops.

If none of these methods prove successful, then you must seek veterinary advice. In fact, try to consult your veterinary surgeon before you try any of the above methods.
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When my springer spaniel is constipated I referred to my pet home remedy book and it suggests a tablespoonful of pumpkin.  (I always have a can of pumpkin on hand in case.)  After one or two 'doses' of the pumpkin, he can move his bowels just fine.
Good Luck!
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First of all, make sure that your dog does not have too long hair. They sometimes cause such problems in dogs. Then, make him a bit more active. He needs more exercise/walk to avoid constipation. Give him high fiber diet, and avoid dairy products and high protein diet for the time being. Then add 1 teaspoon of mineral oil to his diet. Try giving him 1 teaspoon of pumpkin juice after every few hours. All these things will really work for him.
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You can give him metamucil like humans take.   get a regular small spoon , and give him half a spoon of it in the morning and half at night until he is better.  just  add it to his food and also make sure he has a lot of water always.  And walk him, because he needs to walk everyday.  if this doesn't help him after about a day or two take him to the vet because it could be something serious if this doesn't help
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You can do a home enema, no kidding, or you can take him to the vet and have it done. The vet might then tell you to change the food for the pup, and you should do that if he recommends it. The pup also needs to walk, as this makes the 'innards' get busy in digesting food the right way. Hope this helps, good luck.
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Give your dog 1 tsp. Of mineral oil. Be ready to get her outside, it works fast usually! This is what we do for our dogs!
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Well if all else fails you can give your dog a very small proportion of a soft laxative and monitor them until they do their business and make sure you don't give them anything like cheese if so don't give your dog that much.
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Also make sure you dog is getting enough water everyday. A good long walk and then a nice big bowl of water is always important to keep a dog's body on the right track.

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