Can A Dog Die From Constipation?


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Yes. Any animal can die from constipation, and you need to take care of it as soon as possible. Once you have it fixed find out what is causing it, usually it's their diet.

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Come on now, we need some real details here to be able to answer this. Short answer is, probably not. But why wait helplessly here? Get that pup a wee bit of a soft chewy laxative and put the dog outside. All animals which eat unhealthy food (processed pet food) will get blocked up once in a while. Get a laxative in your pet NOW!
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I would ask a vet ( phone calls don't cost ) before I give a dog a laxative, let alone a puppy ! Puppies can die real fast from diarrhea. A laxative could be too strong and cause diarrhea. Constipation won't kill the puppy, but backed up, impacted fecal matter ( poop ) can cause some bad damage, even death.
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Yes they can, so I am telling you that give your dog yoghurt or cooking oil in her food, she will not have a problem.

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