Is Ok To Breed My Pitbull During Her First Heat?


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A dog will come into heat for the first time around 6-8 months it is best to wait until the second cycle to have her breed. At this young age of the first heat cycle the dog is still a puppy and is not threw are in heat for around 21 day and if you are not going to breed her at this time you need to keep her away from males. Dog can be breed by more than one male dog and have puppies by each male dog.a female will come into heat every six month. If you don't want puppies it is best to have her spayed.
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It is best for her if you do not breed her during her first heat. Her body is still immature. She is still a puppy herself. People usually wait until at least the second heat.
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Breeding her will shorten her life, and I wouldnt breed her.
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I Think it will be okay, there should not be any thing wrong with that but if your that concerned go to your vet.

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