Can U Mate Your Female Pitbull On Her First Heat?


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Sara bofits answered
Yes but I would advise not because you can harm her or the puppy's but that is assuming you want puppy's.
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Not really something you would want to do, it's much higher risk as well as considered extremely irresponsible. You might get called some nasty names and a lot of people know not to ever get a pup from someone that does that sort of thing. They are not mature. They can not have received and passed any health tests (this is more detailed than an exam and a maybe a basic blood test) or have been evaluated for health problems they can pass on yet. They have a higher risk of complications, future health issues like rickets or other bone and joint problems and death from something like eclampsia (nope, can't supplement for it either or you may cause it) the pups taking what their body needs for growth and there just isn't enough to go around for everyone. Breeding age is a minimum of 2.  And on and on and on. Risking and creating actual lives is a HUGE responsibility (and liability) and shouldn't be taken lightly.  
If it's your family pet you may also want to consider that an unspayed female has approx. 40% the life span of a spayed female as a direct result of breeding and not being spayed. You may also want to consider that the huge majority of pups in shelters (millions die for being 'surplus') come from (source) the average person who had pups and NOT strays, not what is generally considered to be a puppy mill and not breeders who make effort to actually breed in a responsible manner to improve their breed but from the average person down the street or in the mirror with nobody actually intending for them to or thinking they could ever end up there when they created them. There are more pit bulls and dogs masquerading as pit bulls being bred and in the shelters than any other breed right now. How are yours different and why should they be bred once old enough (no way to really know until they are old enough either)? Just a couple of things to consider before even beginning to research your breed and breeding. Good luck to you.

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