My Pitbull Is In Her First Heat, What To Do, How Long To Keep Them Apart?


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I have a blue nose pitbull she is about 7 months I'm sure she just started her first period she is spotting. My question is there anything I can do to help her is she in any pain, and how long will it last?
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It's best to count on separation from all intact males of 4 months and up and constant supervision for about a month. You have to wait at least 7 to 10 days after the bleeding stops and the swelling goes away and then can evaluate (NOT right when it stops). No public appearances (not in the front yard or walks or anything), not in the fenced back yard alone, if there is an intact male in the house (some people will board the male somewhere else entirely) not even a wire kennel or any chance of contact and they will drive you crazy.
Males can smell her from a mile away and will come under, over, through walls, doors, windows fences and screens to get her. If she's in public they will run up and mount her while you are still even registering they are in the area (and you can't do anything once that happens) so that's a no. If you have an accident you can speak to your vet about the mismate shot and it's risks if soon enough or a spay and termination. It's usually best and easiest just to have her spayed and not have to worry about any of the headaches and stress of seasons or the complications of breeding or health issues of not being spayed and they are healthier and live longer.
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If you do not want pregnancy then keep her away from male dogs for 2-4 weeks.

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