How Long Will My Dog Have Her Period After She Has Puppies?


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She will go into heat when her normal cycle is.
If you are asking about the discharge after birth that is not a heat but has to do with the birth. Sometimes they need an injection to help clean themselves out or they can get a horrid infection . If it is heavy or excessive past a week, lots of it and bright red, too dark, greenish, yellowish, whitish, anything that makes you think of puss, has a smell, or anything seems off with your mom like eating, drinking, activity, depression, fever or anything else you need to see the vet (you should actually have everyone examined within a couple of days). Are you sure she delivered all pups and placenta's (can also cause infection)? Also, young pups should be quiet pretty much (they eat, she potty's them, they sleep). Fussing (and dying) can mean a problem like they are hungry or an infection with mom that is making them sick.
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My shih-tzu has just come into season now (February) and had her puppies in september so it was six months after, quite a few people have said the same about there bitches also.
Hope this helps :)

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