About How Long After She Starts To Leak Will My Pregnant Dog Be Having Puppies?


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Pregnancy duration in dogs can be of 59-68 days with 63 days or 9 weeks average.  It is necessary to get ultrasound after 50 days of canine pregnancy to know abnormalities in puppies and size of litter. If dogs don't deliver around 70 days of pregnancy then it is time for vet visit.

Dogs can show signs of labor 8-48 hours before true labor. Labor in dogs can be divided in to 3 stages. During stage 1. Uterine contraction starts and dog can show symptoms of pacing and restlessness. This stage can last for 6-24 hours. Second stage of canine labor is characterized by delivery of pup. Then there will be a resting period which can be of maximum 2 hours before next pup is delivered and this continues until all puppies are born. This can take 2-6 hours depending upon size of litter. Third stage of labor is characterized by expulsion of placenta. This can take 15 minutes to 4 hours after delivery.
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My dog is showing signs now of panting and digging and discharge and want hardly eat her food or drink,its been going on for bout 24 hrs...how much longer untill I see first puppy
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She will deliver soon after losing mucus plug and leaking clear fluid. If you are not professional then get help from vet because delivery in dogs can be complicated.

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