How Soon After A Dogs Water Breaks Will She Have Puppies?


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The puppies should begin to appear within half an hour of the water breaking. During the first stage of a dog's labour, the cervix will dilate and the contractions will begin. They can, as in humans, be very painful for the dog, and the dog will pace, shiver and pant. The contractions are not as easy to spot in dogs and this stage will continue for up to 18 hours until the cervix is completely dilated to allow the puppies to pass. The dog will need a peaceful area during this time.

The second stage starts as the waters break. This will be a straw-coloured liquid. The puppies will appear, on average, at half-hourly intervals. The mother will lick the puppy to clean them and bite the umbilical cord off. The licking motion of the mother will help the puppies to breathe properly and it is not unusual for the mother to eat some of the afterbirth. Dogs are born with a membrane attached to their face and whilst most mothers will lick this off immediately they sometimes don't. Using a small towel and wiping the face gently should assist in removing this membrane.

Up to four hours can pass between puppies appearing depending upon the mother's condition. Some dogs can become very tired during labour and simply need a rest. It is common for puppies to be breached (rear feet first) and caesarean sections are not unheard of for dogs. The final stage of labour in a dog is the same as in a human. Once all the puppies have been born the uterus will contract fully and any remaining blood, placenta and other fluid should exit the dog. Once puppies are born the mother will eat up to three times as much as before she was pregnant.
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Breaking of water bag in dogs can be first sign of start of labor. Labor in dogs can last for 6-24 hours. Before start of labor, dogs refuse to eat, make nest, and become restless. When labor begins, dogs shake due to pain caused by uterine contractions and strain to pass puppies. So, delivery of puppies is expected  within 24 hours breaking of water bags.
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If there are no pups within 2 hours call your veterinarian so they can go over the situation and signs with you and figure out whether you need to go in (yes, usually) since some dogs can take a little longer on occasion but do not wait since you can lose mom and puppies that way and need experience and knowledge to assist with a difficult birth.
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Yes, once they lose their mucus plug, they are about to go into labor.
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Some time it can take up to 24 hours they have a water bag brake and most the time you will not see it then before each puppy you should see a water bag brake. A puppy is wrapped in two bags one is a water (look purple) an the other is what most people see a clear white looking bag. That bag should brake as so as the puppy come out. If she is not pushing then she not there yet when pushing start she should have a puppy with in an hour no more then 2 if she go over 2 hour with pushing a lot you will need to run her to the vet there maybe a puppy stuck and can make it out.
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I would be ready as soon as her water breaks. It will be about an hour or thirty minutes. If you don't want stains all over the house I would say you need to put her on a dog bed where it wont be a problem for other dogs. Don't let dogs who are not its mother or father around them for atleast a month, and have the mother around the pups at all times, or else it could cause dog fights. Dogs are just as protective over their babies just as we are.
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My dog hasn't produced any milk yet what does that mean
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Normally within 8 hours but it depends. Dogs normally start labor around 10pm. My dog went into labor at 11 at night and had her first puppy at 5:38 and the next at 8:24. So it really depends
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Usually very in people, it varies.  Talk to your vet and get important pre-natal and post-natal information.  It's important!
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After water breaks, you should expect puppies very soon. Animals go into labour a lot faster than humans, so within 24 hours, you can expect the little ones to arrive
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Usually she will start delivering within the hour, but sometimes it can take up to 5 or 6 and up to 12 for her to deliver all of them, sometimes even longer but most of the time after the 12 hr. Mark the ones delivered after that are still born. Hope everything turns out great for you and your dog.
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Assuming your dog already had the pups seems as though you asked this question 7 days ago.... Did all go well? I hope so but if you were inquiring to know for the heck of it.... After the initial "water breaks" the first pup should be delivered withing the next 24 hours. If not you may have a problem......
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She should produce a puppy quite quickly (an hour) once you see water break.
One word of warning - do not let her birth fluids get onto anything you don't want to get stained really badly! Have her lie on newspaper or an old towel or blanket that you can throw away afterwards.
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I just wanted to share my experience that I had tonight with my Lab and her first litter.  First, when you read these answers you tend to get different responses but my dog was in labor after her water broke for 2 1/2 hours with no results, we too her to the vet and she had two very large puppies by c-section, she could have never had on her own and all three would have died if not for me taking her after 2 hours.  So, please go with your gut and take care of the dog before it's too late.

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