How Long After My Dog Has Clear Discharge Will She Give Birth?


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My pregnant dog has a clear discharge. What is it?

The clear fluid indicates that the cervical mucus plug has dissolved, which means that the puppies will arrive within the next twenty-four hours.

  • In the initial stages of pregnancy, a dog will be very restless, and will look for a quiet and comfortable area in which to give birth.
  • After a place has been found, panting and abdominal contractions will begin.
  • After this, a clear discharge will normally start to be seen. Although this fluid is important to watch out for, it only signifies that the mucus plug has been dislodged. The puppies could still take another day to arrive.
  • The most important fluid to keep an eye out for will be dark-green.
  • The dark-green fluid indicates that a puppy has separated from the uterine wall. Usually, this then means that a puppy is due imminently.
  • If a pup hasn't emerged after the green fluid, then you will have to take your dog to a veterinary practice.
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Dogs start to secrete discharge when they lose mucus plug. Dogs can give birth within the next 24 hours after losing the mucus plug.

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