How do I know when my dog started her period?


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Her private area will swell up some and by the second week she will also be discharging blood.
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It is called "in heat" on dogs not a period. It is different. It is the only time a dog can mate. A period is the only time most women do not want to mate.
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You will know. It happened to me last May. It really isn't as bad as you would think it is but you will be able to tell.
Some things that will be signs to you:
-Some blood on the floor or couch or your dog's favorite areas of the house
-swelling in the...area
- swelling in the nipples
-calmness of your dog
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Dogs don't have periods. Do they?
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Dog's don't have periods like humans do and is not a monthly occurrance if things are going normally. Their eggs are released when they are in season and is when they are receptive.
It's usually pretty obvious. There vulva swells and they will bleed. Some girls will begin humping things, or spend a lot of time cleaning themselves if they can reach. They often will be a bit grouchier with others in the household and fights or spats are more likely.
Other dogs will become more interested (also may be more likely to fight or spat) and as the season progresses and they become receptive males will become edgier, even obsessed and any unaltered males in the house may begin to drive you up the wall, you might find other males in the area not contained hanging around outside near the house. She may begin soliciting male dogs (which should not have access to her) and even people.
Once she is spayed you won't have to worry about seasons, the messes, stress headaches, constant vigilance, the risks of pregnancy or the health issues that result from not being spayed anymore and she will also be healthier and live longer. Aside from being better for her it has a lot of added benefits for us and is just much easier.

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