How Long After My Dog Gives Birth Can She Have A Bath?


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Dogs naturally clean themselves as they are relation to wolves, which live out in the wild. However all pet owners want their dogs to look good so that they are presentable just as, they do themselves. However after giving birth your dog will need to spend as much time with her pups as possible within the first week or so. However if you dog is extremely trusting of you, you may be able to wash her within a couple hours of giving birth as long as the pups are nearby, though it is advised not to use any soaps or shampoos on your dog at this time as the pups will need to suckle from her.

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Dogs bear their litters roughly 56 to 72 days after fertilization, with an average of 63 days, although the length of gestation can vary. An average litter consists of about six puppies, though this number may vary widely based on the breed of dog. In general, toy dogs produce from one to four puppies in each litter, while much larger breeds may average as many as twelve.

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I would suggest that you do NOT bathe your dog just yet. She has just given birth and she is exhausted and bathing her would only add to the stress that she is currently experiencing. Also, she has a particular scent and the pups may not accept her after she has been bathed and smells all clean and has perfumes on her which will have transferred from any shampoo you use on her. You also don't want to cause her to catch a chill which could make her sick.

Wait at least a week if you must bathe her. Until then, let her do her own grooming. God gave her the instinct to keep herself and her pups clean to prevent predators from finding them in the wild.
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The best time is 10 days, but really it is up to the owner. I watched a video and the lady on it gave her dog a bath right after. If you do just make sure you blow dry her so the puppies don't get cold, which can cause puppy death. Congratulations!
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I breed Shih Tzu's and I give my female a couple days to get settled and then bathe her. Is she ever grateful! I blow her dry. She seems so much happier when I do this. I mean think about it, she stinks and been laying in her and the puppies own mess for over 24 hours. She does not even go potty for about 14 hours after she has the pups. Once she feels comfortable enough to leave them for a few mins, I give her the bath. She seems to Come back more refreshed and able to tend to their needs.
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Wait until after the puppies have their eyes open and don't use flea soap to give her a bath will. If you use flea soap it could clause problem with the puppies
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I would wait at least a week. She will do her best to clean herself in the mean time. Its important for the pups to get as much time with her as possible in the first few days
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With our girls first litter, we waited a week so as not to disturb her.  Her last litter, she delivered her last pup at 9:30am and I gave her a bath that evening after she had nursed all her pups and they were sleeping.  She is a very trusting dog and was very relaxed, if your dog shows any sign of anxiousness, forget the bath and wait.  I wouldn't use any soap or shampoo during her baths until all her puppies are weened though.  Hope this helps!
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Please don't bathe your mother dog.  She will still be very sore from birthing and she needs to keep her smell for her new puppies.  She will clean herself up when she is feeling better and is not so tired.  I would not attempt to bathe her for at least 10 days.
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Haha my dog had puppies 3 weeks ago today and I had the same question. I was told to wait 5-7 days because she has to be with her puppies for the first couple days.
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You have to wait about a week so she can be comfortable and calm with her newborn pups. Or she will feel that you are separating her from the pups. I hope I helped =)
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My dog had puppies exactly one week ago. I have been wiping her down with a warm wash cloth, since I was not sure about when I could bathe her. She actually, enjoys laying on her back and having a clean warm wash cloth on her nipples for about a minute, but if you do this, don't make the wash cloth hot, it will irritate them. The only question I have left is, "Should I use puppy shampoo on her?". Got all natural puppy shampoo, but havent bathed her yet.
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All dogs are different, you have to be able to tell if your dog will get irritated if you separate her from the pups. That's the main issue with bathing them while breasts feeding, also you want to be carefull what you wash her with so that it is not harmful to the pups. My dog is currently breast feeding also & I bathe my dog once a week, which is a bit often but she sleeps (& gave birth) on my bed, along with her pup now because she's so attached to me that she wouldnt pay much attention to her puppy, but since the puppy has been on the bed she pays much more attention to her :-)

Hope I could help any.
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I would wait until the puppies are older. When the puppies are first born the mother dog will only leave the pups to eat,drink and use the bath room. When the mother leaves her pups more often this is when I would give her a bath.
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No you probably shouldnt because the shampoo you wash her with(even when you wash her)can get into the babys system and make them very sick
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When labor starts in dogs then no need to give her bath. If she is dirty during  labor or after the delivery of the puppies then wipe her with a soaked cloth without soap. It will be better to give her bath before start of labor, so, that less work will be remaining after the delivery. Mother dog should not be bathed after delivery until puppies can live without mother.
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It is possible after few days if she isn't worried about the puppies. There are times when they sleep in between feeding by then she is more likely to wander to use the restroom and eat. Then would be the best time. Make it clear to the dog she will be with her puppies soon. Don't make the bath too long.
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It is better for no interference in the first 3 weeks! Maybe it would be better to wait until the puppies are rehomed until you bathe her! As she may become distressed from being away from her puppies etc
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I wouldnt suggest it she would be in to much pain all shed want to do is rest id wait a few days and let her heal a little
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My dog gave birth to her last pup at 2:00 PM AND IT'S 7:09 PM right now, how much longer do I have to wait? She smells real bad
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You can, that is if she will leave her pups long enough to do so. I would refrain from using shampoo just in case any would remain on her while she is nursing. Keeping her teats free and clean while she nurses the pups is important though. Warm water and a very soft cloth... No soap - you don't want that to be digested by the pups.
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My dog had puppies dey all died its been 3 days since she gave birth she has a lot of blood on her and she smells I been wiping her down but I will like to take her a shower n wAnt to know when can I do thaT

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