How Long Does It Take For A Dog To Have Puppies?


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David Mathley answered
From Conception it is 63 days. Give or take a week.
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Dogs are pregnant for 58-63 days. If you suspect that your dog is pregnant, please make sure that you have your dog under a vets care! 
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KR- myopinions answered
It is standard protocol to have a vet monitor any breeding closely. They are pregnant an average of 59 to 63 days though can go sooner (like 57) or a little later (70 and you need to call your vet). It is important to begin taking your dog's temperature at the appropriate time. When the temperature drops and they go into first stage labor there are pups within 24 hours (usually sooner) or there is a problem and you need to call your vet. After the water breaks and actual labor starts things should move pretty quickly or there is likely a problem so as far as actually having puppies that takes much less than a day. :-)

BONNIE HAMM answered
It's according to what size your dog is (normally) as to what size litter she has. Is she small? Is she a large breed? Smaller breeds tend to have smaller litters. There is no set time in between the birth of puppies. It can be 10 minutes to an hour.
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9 weeks is what it takes to have pups in general. But I think you are talking about the puppies after it gave birth to 4 already. It will not take much time and if its late then there will only be 4 until now.

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