How Long Until My Dog Has Her Pups She Just Lost Her Mucus Plug And Her Tempt. Is 98.5?


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If your dog has just lost her mucus plug, she will probably give birth to her pups within a 24 hour period. Losing a mucus plug is a signal that your pet is preparing to have her litter. The temperature of your pet may be rising due to the agitation and emotional state of your dog, which may be starting to feel uncomfortable as the final stage of pregnancy begins. Before long, your dog should begin to show some other symptoms that make it clear labor is on the horizon.

Signs That Your Dog Will Be Going Into Labor

• Loss of Appetite - A dog who is approaching labor will become less hungry; if your animal seems to be going off of her feed, this is another red flag that labor is going to be happening within a day or so. If you're really concerned about your dog's loss of appetite, be sure to consult a certified veterinarian and ask for advice; a vet will be able to reassure you that the loss of appetite is normal for a breeding dog who is approaching labor.
• Hiding - If the pet is beginning to hide, be sure to monitor her closely; some dogs who are approaching labor will slink off outside, but they really should not be alone. Since labor is uncomfortable, your dog may dig or hide to cope with the changes she is experiencing. As long as you stay close, you can be there when labor progresses. If the pregnancy of your animal has been uneventful so far, it may not be necessary to consult a vet for symptoms or behavior, such as digging or hiding; however, you should always be aware of where your dog is during this important time period.

Dogs who are ready to give birth will need the support of their owners; they may also require medical care for their new litter of puppies. Providing a safe, clean place for your dog to give birth should be priority one - having a good veterinarian on call is also very important.

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