My Dog Has Been Trying To Clear Her Throat For The Last Two Days Or Does She Have A Cold Or Does She Have Something Blocking Her Airway?


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Dogs don't get common cold like humans. Symptoms like coughing, sneezing, runny nose and watery eyes in dogs are due to upper respiratory tract infection caused by bacteria or virus. Kennel cough also causes discharge from nose and eyes. As many types of infections can cause cold in dogs, So, visit to vet is required.

If something is stuck up in throat like food particles, any foreign material, and inflammation of the throat then chocking sound can be heard from dog.  Constricting neck injuries due to collars and ropes are other possible cause of chocking. Symptoms of chocking are gagging, difficulties in swallowing, regurgitation, salivation pawing at face and breathing problems. Chocking in dogs should be differentiated from hiccups and coughing which also have similar symptoms. It will be better to see a vet for differential diagnosis and accurate treatment.

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