Which Dog Breeds Are Banned In The UK?


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Technically, no breeds are entirely banned.  It's just that your're unlikely to come into custody of any of these dogs by legal means.   The 1991 Dangerous Dogs Act imposed severe restrictions on these four breeds:
American Pit Bull terriers, Japanese Tosa, Dogo Argentino and Fila Braziliero.  The act also covers dogs that have the physical characteristics of these breeds, or that are partly bred out of any of the named breeds.

In theory you can keep an animal belonging to one of these breeds, but you have to carry a Certificate of Exemption, and comply by many restrictions.  The dog must be muzzled while in public places and the person in control of them must be at least 16 years old.  The dog must be micro-chipped, tatooed on the inner thigh, neutered or spayed, and covered by third party insurance.

Failure to comply with these regulations can lead to a fine of up to £2000 and a jail sentence.
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I got much of those dogs I got a american pitbull terrier ( colby ) and a presa canario.
They both great dogs never attack someone or a another dog.
Don't ban the dogs ban the people abuse them.
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Dogs are banned through no fault of there own its the owners fault for training them to have a bad reputation!
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Japanese tosa
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The Pit Bull Terrier
the Japanese tosa
the Dog Argentino
the Fila Brasileiro

It is an offense to own or keep any of the above types of dog, unless
it is on the Index of Exempted Dogs and is in compliance with the
requirements. In any event it is an offence to breed from, sell or
exchange (even as a gift) such a dog, irrespective of whether it has
been placed on the Index of Exempted Dogs.

Bah blah blah...

Quick look on the net and...

Breed of the dog
The Dogo was created for hunting, with great physical strength and a
keen determination to not allow its quarry to escape. One thing that is
commonly over looked in all of the breeds listed here is loyalty to the
family. The dogos stays at feet of their owner and their family
members, great with kids and is not a bark at nothing breed.

1. Fighting Dog of Cordoba, to which Dr. Martinez added blood from
2. The Pointer to give him a keen sense of smell, which was essential for hunting,

3. The Boxer added vivacity and gentleness,

4. The Bull Terrier lent his fearlessness,

5. The Great Dane his size,

6. The Bulldog gave him an ample chest and boldness,

7. The Irish Wolfhound brought its instinct as a hunter of wild game,

8. The Dogue de Bordeaux contributed its powerful jaws.

9. The Great Pyrenees gives him its white coat and

10. The Spanish Mastiff gave him its quota of power


Dogos are a big powerful dog that has to have obedience training at an
early age, with heavy socialization training around people and other
pets especially dogs. At an early age socialization helps to prevent
aggression. One major point… obedience training is a must with all
large dog breeds (over 30lbs). One can readily see that a small child
walking the big family dog could be put in danger if pulled out into
the street because the dog hasn't been properly disciplined. Another
thing that many people must take heed of is that, no matter how well
the Dogo (or any other large dog) interacts with children in the
family, children do not belong anywhere near where the animal's feeding
dishes are stored. This is a natural territorial instinct area with
large dogs that may not be overcome by any amount of training.


Dogo Argentino reputation for aggression is greatly over exaggerated.
If you've heard of this breed at all you will hear everything from " I
can get my dog to pull down trees…" to "My dog just took on four other
pit bulls and tore them apart…" You will also have heard horror stories
on the media about how this dog (aside from many other breeds) is
nothing but a vicious terrible monster that loves to tear apart people
" just because ". Most all dogs do exactly what they are taught or
aloud by the owner to do.
The truth is that any large dog must be treated with the proper respect
and discipline if it is to be put in any social setting with humans or
other pet type animals. The only problem with large dogs is the
ignorance of the owner. Now, we are not stating that the Dogo can't be
dangerous, what we are saying is that it is the owner who is
mishandling the dog that creates dangerous behaviors and situations
between a large dog and the general population. Practices such as guard
dog conditioning (where a trainer teaches the animal to attack humans),
frequent beatings, deprivation of affection, food, water or shelter
(where the shelter is not appropriately large or clean enough), are all
contributing factors to a dog displaying inappropriately aggressive
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"These dogs should not be banned as it is not the dogs fought its the way they are bought up by the owner. You also have to remember a dog is a wild animal no really a pet no matter how much you think you can control them." That is a contradiction in terms, you are correct dogs are wild animal and that is the point. Responsible and experienced owners are not the problem unfortunately a lot of people who own big dogs are neither and also don't know the difference. All dogs can get to an excited enough state to cause them to bite and attack humans,this is a fact it happens every day. There are wide ranging reasons for this. No one unless they are experienced and know what they are doing should own certain breeds of dog. A Presa Canario for example which is not even banned in the UK can grow in excess of 130 pounds and has been described as a no hope for any human if it decides to attack. No one should own a dog that they cannot control in the event of miss behaviour. I draw all of you attention to the following website which has been keeping track of dog attacks.
If you get it wrong as an owner you are walking around with a ticking time bomb that has the ability like any weapon to kill.
Tosa is a dog breed in Japan for fighting, traits such as aggression, size, strength, etc are, and have been bred into these dogs over hundreds of generations. If a dog of this size went for a human I don't care how tough you think you are, this dog will severely injure or kill you.
Take some time and look at the statistics, you can make a labrador an aggressive, human and dog fighter, but you would have to go out of your way to do so, ignorance, irresponsibility, and lack of knowledge is all you need to keep a naturally dominant dog with a dislike for strangers, or children, and with a high prey drive, an extreme danger to humans and other animals.
Please have some compassion for those who are attacked every day by dogs, described as "family pets" "Gentle" "oh he has never done anything like that before" it only needs to happen once to ruin lives.
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The only dog that is 100% banned is the Japanese Tosa, and in some Places the Chinese Pitbull. Dogs like Pitbull terrier's, Rottweiler's, ect. Aren't banned but you need a licence to own one as they are considered dangerous dogs (also depending on where your living your only allowed a certain amount of dangerous dogs) , and they are not allowed to be with certain people and at certain places at certain times. Sometimes the UK says stuff like they will ban every type of Pitbull but they've said that atleast 20 times over the last 6 years, and they never do
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I live in spain and am moving back to uk I have a pitbull cross Pharaoh hound but am not sure if it will be alowed in to the uk can any 1 help me
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I have a Presa Canario and she is a great dog. Very loving and gentle. D. Newcomb - NY USA
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American pitbull, Dogo argentino, canary dog (of war), Fila Braziliero, Japanese Tosa and an amendment made to the 1991 dangerous dogs act in 2007 means any of the above breeds or inter bred descendants will be confiscated and destroyed sucks I know
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Actually you may keep these dogs in the uk as long as it is registered spayed /castrated microchipped muzzled whilst outside the owners property on a leash propery restrained and cared for owned by an adult over the age of 18
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These dogs should not be banned as it is not the dogs fought its the way they are bought up by the owner. You also have to remember a dog is a wild animal no really a pet no matter how much you think you can control them. A jack russell can do more damage then a pitbull as it has a soft mouth. If you ask most people the most likely dog to attack someone is a labrador
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Ingrid WIlliams
Yes, because most of the adults/children you hear about in the news who have been maimed or killed by a dangerous dog, it is usually a labrador. DUH!!

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