What Eats Garter Snakes?


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Other species of snake such as the king snake and coral snake, crayfish, raccoons, crows, hawks, and domestic cats and dogs all eat garter snakes. Frogs and shrews eat the juvenile garter snakes.

A garter snake is probably the most common snake found on the continents of America. Their skin tone will vary depending on the area that they dwell in. A garter snake is generally a small and docile reptile that is sometimes kept as a pet and breeds quite easily while in captivity.

· Checkered Garter Snakes: These snakes are frequently kept as pets and grow about 28 inches long, though some can reach as much as 42 inches. These snakes are generally green with a black check pattern. They feed on guppies, eels, insects, earthworms, and red worms and are found within the southern states of the US.

· San Francisco Garter Snakes: These snakes live in tall grass areas, damp meadows and wet woodland ponds with origins in California. They feature green and yellow stripes that have a border of black scales and can grow about 51 inches long. Their food includes small fish, earthworms, insects, toads and frogs.

· Short Headed Garter Snakes: At 22 inches in length, this is the smallest species of garter snake. It has grey scales and a blunt snout and its neck and head are not distinctive from its body. It eats only earthworms. It can be found in western Pennsylvania and south-western New York.

· Common Garter Snakes: This is the most widely dispersed snake within North America. Its sides usually feature white and yellow stripes, though variations can include gray, green and black. Their length averages from 24 to 31 inches. There scale patterns create good camouflage for easily blending into their surroundings for protection and hunting purposes. They are normally found near water including woodland areas, parks, farms, ditches, irrigation areas and marshes.

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