What Is The Spider That Has White Dots On Its Back?


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It seems like you are talking about the European garden spider. It is also known as the cross orbweaver, the diadem spider or the cross spider. Its official name, however, is the Araneus Diadematus. It's rather common and incredibly well-known orb-weaver spider that is found mostly in Europe, but sometimes in places in North America. You can find the spider in New England and some parts of Southeast California, as well as the northwestern areas of the US that are adjacent to some parts of Canada.

The coloring of individual spiders can vary quite a lot, but all of them have white dots on their back. Some of them are light yellow whilst some of them are more of a dark grey color. As mentioned, all of the spiders have white dots on the back and there are usually around five or more of these dots. The dots also form a cross on the back of the spider. The white dots are there because of the cells in the body that are filled with the guanine substance. This is a byproduct of protein metabolism within the spider.

Adult female spiders can range from between 6.5mm to 20mm, whilst the males will range between just 5.5mm and 13mm.

The spiders utilize their third pair of legs for the spinning of their orb webs, which is a rare thing to see in spiders. The spiders are also able to use this set of legs to be able to move around on their web without getting stuck to it. The legs are only useful within their web. The legs are of generally little use when they are travelling across the ground. For more information on this kind of spider, the Wikipedia page offers you all the information that you need to know about this spider.
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It is a garden spider and yes it is poisonous. I have also heard that it can kill a snake but I'm not sure about that.
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On the sealing in my living room we found a spider that is fuzzy and it had a white dot on its back and we would like to know what it is   called!!!!!!~~~~

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