When Do Baby Goldfish Turn Gold?


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A goldfish's color responds to light, and does not depend on age. If a fish is kept in the dark it will get lighter, losing much of its color over time. For a true gold or simply your fish's brightest, healthiest color I suggest giving it full spectrum light. As they are outside, you are already doing that with natural light.

Diet plays a role in color, shrimp and fish meal will also help bring out a goldfish's color.

However, color variations that you are describing seem to be more along the line of the fish's dna rather than anything that can be changed with time, light or diet. I think you simply have dark fish.
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Ihave three goldfish for over 3yrs now. Off late one fish got white spots on its fins....I thought it was bacteria since my other fish died looking like that. So I decided to just gently scrub the fish to which small balls fell off. I came on the internet to check and then realised they were eggs and quickly seperated them .
My female fish is still sitting dwn in one corner. Is it ok to keep the eggs seperated. And what abt the female fish.
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I've never seen gold goldfish. Only orange-colored ones...

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