What Appearance Do Dolphins Have?


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Dolphins are mammals that live in the water. These dolphins are not like other mammals, they do not have hands or paws, feet or hair like humans and other mammals do. The dolphins have a dorsal fin like sharks, two flippers and a tail that is like a shark called the fluke. The skin of a dolphin is very smooth like a human but these mammals are very sensitive meaning they can be damaged and get hurt easily. These mammals are also sensitive to the sunlight from the sun. They can be sunburned even if they are in water. Dolphins do not have a nose but instead, they have something called a blowhole which is like a nose for dolphins. The blowhole is located on the top of the dolphins head. The purpose of the blowhole is that when they come up for air, it would be easier for them to breathe. For the dolphins to hear, they have a small hole that leads to the inner year instead of having an outer year.

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