Can An Insect Bite Of Any Sort Develop A Bump?


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Fred Hamill Profile
Fred Hamill answered
Yes, many insect bites can develop a bump and many other symptoms.

Some are flat and itch like the dickens. If it was a spider or a mosquito have it checked, because of the infections that come with bites. When a spider or mosquito bites, it leaves a secretion under the which is why they itch, but mosquito bites will itch more.

The spider's mark may swell into a bump and stay hard for a while, but it is still advisable to go to a specialist doctor to have it checked out.

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Paige Coleman Profile
Paige Coleman answered
Yes; gnat bites leave a large bump due to the numbing toxin that gnats secrete as they bite so you don't notice that they're there. Ant bites, or stings, also leave a bump, same as other stings and bites

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