Can Anybody Give Me Some Good Slogans On Wildlife?


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Wild life was kind when it got life . But wht happened to it?...  Where is the kind of the wildlife..
  human beings took it from them

hope it helps
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  • Wildlife for the Wild Life in you.
  • Wildlife, the baramoter of life on earth! (vs. Extenction stats)
  • Wildlife deserves a wild time too!

  • The Wildlife is fun.
  • Wildlife is watching you too.
  • Wildlife is survival of the fittest.
  • "Natures untamed beauty"or "Call of the wild"
  • It's our planet too!
  • When's the last time you seen a butterfly?
  • When we go - so will you.
  • Forget the zoos - preserve our natural habitats!
  • Got gorillas?
  • T is for Tiger. Dad, what's a tiger?
  • Z is for zebra. Were those like unicorns?
  • Preserve the Porcupine!
  • Don't expect Noah to save them this time!
  • "All rights Reserved"
Hope it Helps!!!
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hey Shailendra naughty boy!!!!!I know you have taken this answer from Yahoo answers.I've too read these answers on Yahoo.Anyways "Wow"for your efforts!
close eyes open them
So What is the thing you needed the answer and i had provided you it!!
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Wildlife is the best, look around at all the views and you will see it is full of life. tell me your grade and good luck
hope this helps!!!!
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  • My favorite from childhood and still is Smokey the Bear says don't play with matches.

  • Being a previous Boyscout leader, "Only leave your footprints behind."

  • Plant a tree.

  • Be kind to Mother Nature.
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Smoky is still watchin you Punk!

Over the hills n through the trees.. View the wildlife, enjoy the breeze!

"a picture of the woods, a donkey with an excited look on his face, a tree that has a carving on it, it reads ((Bambi was here 08' )) "
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I live in Alaska, so I would say something like... "I'm a moose, not a goose"! Do you know that a moose can have large antlers?... And a goose can fly? No matter how pretty the altlers are, they still won't flap. Hope this helps, good luck to you.

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