What Is The Smallest Python To Have As A Pet That You Can Find Locally?(or A Boa)


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If you can find a reptile or snake store you might be able to find this type. It's called the Children's Python and it gets up to 3 ft but averaging at 2-2.5ft, which is pretty manageable. However, this particular species is not an easy one to find at any pet store but few reptile and snake stores have them.  The next smallest python, which would be the much easier one to find, is the Ball Python.  This one is very very easy to find in a pet store because you don't even have to go to a reptile or snake specific store.  You can go to a pet store like Petco or Petsmart, or any other general pet store and they'll most likely have it.  This is the most common pet python to find in any pet store because it grows to 3-5ft long and are extremely tame.  Because of this, it is also an inexpensive kind of python usually costing between 80-130 bucks each.

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A ball python is the smallest python I can think of right know,averaging about 3 1/2 feet and there one of the easiest snakes to maintain they also live pretty long about 20-30 years in captivity with the right care,and they are available at many pet stores.
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The ball python is a great snake to have.. Thay are not the smallest python but thy only get at max size 5ft.. They are very easy to keep up with, only need feed once a week. They are very good with kids.. I have two of my own and I have five kids from the ages or 8-3.. My 3 yr old loves them, and will hold and kiss them as much as I will let him.. They do have teeth but they are very small and if you are bitin its like having you blood suger checked, but it hurts way less the a garter snake does, and thay have bigger teeth than the ball python does. They are a very dosile snake to have if not more most. The boa is known to bite with out even thinking about it.. Plus boas don't stay under 8ft.

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