What Kind Of Snake Has Black And Tan Strips?


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A common garter snake has tan stripes on a black body.
The pattern can vary between individual snakes, but usually it has a narrow stripe down the middle of the back and a broad stripe on each side. Between the centre and the stripes are black spots.
You will see this type of snake around ponds and stream edges as well as in wetlands, forests, fields and rocky hillsides. They make their way in to residential areas too and are often found in basements in spring or autumn. Don't worry though, a bite may produce swelling, or a burning rash in some cases, but they are not dangerous.
Garter snakes generally mate after emerging from hibernation in March or April. Females can give birth to up to 40 young anytime from July through October.
If disturbed, a garter snake may coil and strike, but typically it will hide its head and flail its tail. They can also give off a musky-scented secretion from a gland near the anus.
Hawks, crows and raccoons prey on these snakes, as well as larger species of snake, such as the king snake and coral snake. It's favorite method of escape is to slither into the nearest mass of water.
So, if you have seen a snake with this description, a garter snake is the most likely explanation. However, it's hard to make a sound conclusion without more information, so it's best not to handle the animal in case it is one of its more venomous relatives. Aside from the safety issue, wild snakes just don't like being handled so it's best not to distress them by picking them up.
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It's probably a Common garter snake, such as the eastern garter snake - It has yellow stripes, occasionally bluish, greenish or brownish, down the middle and along the sides.  It can grow to 54 inches.

Alternatively it may be a Butler's garter snake, a small black, brown, or olive snake with a yellowish belly and with three distinct yellow stripes down the back.  It grows to 27 inches.
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Yeah, Id say it was a common garter snake. Don't worry it's harmless
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I think it is the black snake

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