Do Male Dogs Come Into Heat?


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Male dogs do not go into heat or have any cycles, so to speak. Males are influenced by the scent. If a female has a certain scent, they will get aroused and sometimes other scents can seem the same and make them hump. They also hump for no apparent reason. Nothing to do with cycles or anything else
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I am sure they have their times they are in heat too.  But it is probably more often then a female.  If you don't find the answer here, call your vet they can tell you over the phone.  I don't think you can do anything but neuter your dog, which is best for him anyways.  Good luck.  I have heard people put diapers on their dog.  But that would be a mess and very hideous and I don't think that would go over well at all, and it would probably come right off.  Good luck.
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No just females
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Male dogs don't go into heat.  They are ready to hump any time, anywhere.
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Male dogs do this because of a scent they pick up -- it could be anything from smelling another pet on your clothes, to picking up the scent of urine, saliva or other body excretion.  Male dogs don't go into "heat", only female animals do that (males are said to be in "runt"), and they will put off a scent that tells the males that it's reproduction time.  Did you know that some female dogs will do this also, even ones that have been fixed, as a sign of "overpowering" or being the dominant animal around?
Hope that helped answer your question.
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I'm sure that like men, they are always in heat! Call and ask a vet
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I am getting a male and female pup from the same litter soon and worried about when she is in season are they likely to mate and what can I do to stop this happening

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