Can A 5 Month Old Male Puppy Get A 1 Year Old Female Pregnant? He Has Not Went Into Heat Yet And She Is Not In Heat Right Now. Do They Both Have To Be In Heat To Get Pregnant?


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Males don't go into heat..only females do. A male dog can copulate any day, any time he wants to as long as the female IS in heat and allows him to do so. A 5 month old puppy is mature enough to mate, but his sperm may not be mature enough to fertilize the eggs. If he IS successful, the size of the litter does not depend on the Male's maturity, but how many eggs the female releases.
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Okay not to be rude but male dogs don't go into heat only females do. If your male puppy is 5 months old it is possible for him to mate with your female dog, but highly unlikely for him to be able to impregnate your female dog. If you notice him mount her and she develops any unusual behaviors it is possible that she might have gotten pregnant by him however its unlikely at his age because his testicles can't even produce sperm yet,however by the time he is 6 months old he will likely be able to get your female dog pregnant only while she is in heat. I also suggest that in order to prevent your female dog from getting pregnant that you get both of your dogs spayed and neutered.
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puppies should be neutered, it's evil to spay them at 5months old or even a year for a female.
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Yes he could get a bitch pregnant, the bitch will need to be in season but you really do need to either keep them apart or get one or the other neutered.
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Males don't go "into heat", He can usually get a female dog pregnant at about 5 months.As for the female,wait 10 days after she starts to bleed then put them together.
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Yes the female have to be in heat but the male no matter what he can get him some but if he is a puppy and still get on a heated female he is more than likely to have less puppy's just because he is still a puppy his-self but that female is not going to let him try unless she is in heat

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