My dog gave birth to one dead puppy at about 5 am this morning. I know theres more in there but she doesn't seem to be pushing. How long cana dog go between puppies?


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cheryl perez answered
You should take your dog to the vet. You could be putting your dogs life at risk and the other puppies. Some dogs need help delivering their puppies. My dog had 8 puppies and it only took her a couple of hours to get them out." is pending
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You need to call your repro vet. That isn't a normal, no problems free whelp, it's past time to consult your vet and there may also have been other danger signs. She may be in need of an emergency c-section or at the bare minimum an injection and monitoring by the vet depending on what is actually going on. Don't wait any longer. Let us know how things go please, good luck.   
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Thats serious. Call your vet. Good Luck!

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