After A Dog Gives Birth To Puppies , How Soon Can She Get Pregnant Again?


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After whelping a litter of puppies, a female will typically come into season 6 months later. Most breeders and vets do recommend waiting 1 heat cycle before breeding again. Meaning to skip the following heat cycle before breeding again. This way the female has enough time for her body to completely recover and her system is not drained completely of calcium and vital nutrients that is needed for rearing another litter of puppies.
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Dogs come in heat every 6 mouths count 6 months after pups born she should be close to coming in heat
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She will go back into heat whenever her cycle would normally occur and could get pregnant again during that heat. She shouldn't get pregnant again during that next heat though.
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App 4-6months after her previous litter.
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My bullmastiff just had a liter, I have a male mastiff, if I put them together can she get pregnant again?
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When a dog gives birth, She will not get pregnant again straight away! Maybe after maybe sometimes a month, couple of weeks, or maybe never again!  :D Hope I hepled - Wolf Loverr
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Thats so wrong......
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No it is true sometimes it happens differently sometimes it is like what i just said! I know about animals! Maybe you do not?

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