Will my dog harm a guinea pig? I am planning on getting one. My dog is a westie and my parents keep on saying it will harm my guinea pig.


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Carleigh Fouquette Profile
It shouldnt even notice it if you keep your guinea pig in a good sized cage off the ground they should leave eachother alone completely, my good friends have a dog that lives with guinea pigs in the house walking free, but I wouldnt do that if I were you lol, that dog was raised with them

But as long as you keep it out of sight away from the dog they should be just fine together
rachel macpherson Profile
Oyur dog could go for the guinea pig but you can keep the guinea pig high up out of the dogs road if you do have the guinea pig out of the cage make sure the dog is out of the room also if you introduce the dog and guinea pig to each other keep a good hold of the guinea pig let the dog get used to the guinea pig and never leave them alone together and they should be fine together good luck if you do get one

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