My Dog Is Pregnant But She Is Just One Year Old, Will Her Puppies Be OK?


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Yes, dogs can start having puppies the first time they come on heat, and many dogs do have puppies when they are under one year old as well.

It is of course, preferable, that the female dog be over one year old, so that she can properly care for her puppies, and because by this time she, herself, will be fully grown as well. Having puppies drains the female dogs energy, and dogs that are older than one year deal with this better.

Of course, giving birth and having puppies will reduce your female dog's life span, so unless you are  serious breeder, you should not breed her regularly.

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Well jackv08 I know a lot about dogs, but I really don't know how to answer the question. Although I actually had 2 friends that had dogs and 1 of them was pregnant at the age of 1year and the other 7 weeks. 1 passed away that was the 1 who was 7 weeks because she was to young and the 1 who was 1 lived. I don't know what is going to happen to your dog, but it is probably going to live.
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I'm not sure what the age for dogs is, but probably if she's able to be pregnant then they'll be fine. I do know that Hampster's can have babies at 6 weeks old. That's a lot less than 1 year. You could just google it.

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