My Dog Is 9 Weeks Pregnant And Has Red Swollen Eyes. What Could Be Going On?


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Red swollen eyes in a heavily-pregnant dog is not a healthy sign, and should be looked at by a vet immediately.

Red eyes could be the sign of infection which, in a pregnant dog, could be life-threatening. There is also the risk that the infection may be passed on to the puppies.

A vet will be able to identify the problem and hopefully can recommend a treatment that will not be harmful to the puppies, or the mother dog.

Unfortunately, however, a problem occurring this late in a dog's pregnancy is sometimes very difficult to treat.

My pregnant dog has red swollen eyes. Why?
  • The redness in your dog's eyes could be a sign of retinal dysplasia. This is a very serious eye disease which can easily be passed on through infections.
  • The infection that this condition causes could be life-threatening to a pregnant dog.
  • Retinal dysplasia leads to blindness in dogs.
  • To treat - or rule out - this condition, you will need to take your dog to a veterinary practice.
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Maybe she can't sleep because of the pain she feels inside her. That happened to my dog, too.

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