How To Make A Rednose Pitbull Really Strong And Big?


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Hes right you shoulnt try to get it so huge when its a pup    I waited till mine was 6-8 months and started takein her for 1-1 1/2 mile walks and had her start pulling weights but  NOTE don't try to get it to pull wit a regular colar if you do it will eventually make its neck grow crooked get a nice harness or a weighted harned and let it pull wit that and wit the weighted harness just take it for a walk a lot.   Also you can let them hang on to a rope thats tied to a tree branch it builds a lot of muscle    I mean a lot     don't worry youll get it there just takes time   good luck
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There's lots of things you can do. But first, just in case you didnt know, pitbulls grow for about 2 years, some do most of the growing after the first year. So you shouldnt try to make them gain weight until they're fully grown.
You can start by feeding them a diet with more fats and protein in it, that will make your pit gain weight. If you want more muscle on your pit, do it in a way thats fun for your dog. Don't put weights around his neck all day! (which a lot of people recommend). Get him a spring pole, and hang it off a secure branch, just high enough so his back paws can barely touch the ground. My pits love it! And it builds tons muscle in a healthy way.
You could also start training him for weight pulling contests. My pitbulls also love doing this. But you need to train slow and be consistent. Slowly add more weight to prevent injury, and train every day.
Just do things that your pitbull likes!
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You shouldn't try to bulk up or condition until they have come close to reaching their growth. Not until a year and a half to two years in most cases and by then most people have found it happened naturally and there is no need. Trying to add weight and/or accelerate growth faster than the body would naturally can cause/aggravate injury and things like dysplasia and other major bone and joint problems. It's not safe and is detrimental to you and your pup. There is some information below on how to safely condition once your pup is old enough.
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Excersize and a good diet are the base to a big and strong pit. A good way to keep them in shape and muscular is to get your pit involved in dog sports such as pulling and agility.
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Hello there! I think that it all depends on the nature of the dog itself and physical capabilities. But you can visually make it seem like you have a very powerful dog. Harnesses like Dog Harness Australia usually look good on these breeds. I saw a couple of pit bulls and it looked awesome.

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