What's The Best Food To Feed An 11month Old Bull Mastiff Pit Mix With A Sensitive Stomach And How Many Times A Day?


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You should try all meat dog foods and raw food for puppy's. The breed isn't considered an adult until they are at least 2 years old. My poor pitbull has had so much intestinal problems, since I let the vet do 5 deworming in a matter of 3 months. He's 9 months and weights 100lb., I feed him Orijen 100% natural No grain dog food mixed with Primal raw food. Dogs are use to eating meat and a lot of commercial dog foods have fillers and are always processed so are pets my not react well with them. There are other less expensive natural meat with minimal grain like Blue Buffalo Wilderness, but on this Analysis site you can read about the contents of the different dog foods and see where the different foods rate at

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