What Is The American Pit Bull Terrier Habitat?


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My Pit's habitat is anywhere in the back yard where she can dig and chew anything of value she runs across. 

They make great pets and are good with children. Teach a dog, any dog to be mean, and it will be dangerous.  Treat a dog with love and teach it good manners, then it shouldn't become unnaturally agressive. They do I think genetically have a taste for shoes and slippers. They aren't safe on the floor. You might even want a lock box for them. She even ate part of the lawnmower and two weed eaters. Two love seat cousions and a leather chair cushion. The list include my faforite down pillow and a very nice memory form pillow.
She has a nice dog house with a shingle roof and prefers to hang out in my shed full of junk or under tha camper top. Go figure.  She has actually intentionally dug a hole and dragged a dripping hose over to the hole to fill it with water. I keep the hose dripping into a bowl in the summer so she always has fresh water.Thought it was an accident, but the next day she dug another hole and dragged the hose about 25 feet to fill it up. She is a white pit and I discover this new skill when she came in the house with a black head.

She actually ate 4 kitchen chairs I had out by the shed. Heck I ate in the living room most of the time anyway.Check out the new group Pit Bull Lovers Unite. 3 members and going strong.

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A pit bull is a very strong dog but it depends on how you treat it on what it becomes. It may
become vicouis if you are mean to it. If you feed,love,play,water and love on it it will be
a very nice  dog. My pit bull is redish shes our car wash dog. We always play with her
she is a very protective dog you hit somone she will either bark or jump on the person
who hit the other person to try and get them to stop. She is 7 years old in dog years
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Well, I found a group to join...Pit Bull Lovers Unite!  I agree w/ Amysticweb (2nd answer), pit's make great pets!  When are people going to get it? .... It's all in how you raise them!!!  I wish there wasn't such a horrible stereotype against them.  But back to the question at hand, in college I learned that pit bulls were also trained to keep the bulls in line for their masters.  One of the the things the the pits used to do, was actually try to pull the bulls by the rings inside the bull's noses.  I'm guessing that's where they get their instinct to hang from ropes or whatnot?  My past pits would love tug of war & my boyfriend was strong enough that he could pick one of them up while my dog was still locked on to the rope! Lol, it was pretty neat to say the least!  You can learn a lot on line too, just type in pit bull history in the web browser & I'm sure you'll find all sorts of fun things that you never knew about the bully breed.  Hope I was some help!?
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The pit bull terrier actually got it's name from the british during the dark ages.  Men used to have to go out and hunt for food, so dogs were used for protection against other wild animals that might attach.  The pit bull actually has another name which I can't recall, anyway.  Every once in a while, when the men would return from the hunt, they would hold competitions in the town square to see who had the strongest and most vicious dog.  They would release a Bull, yup, a bull, and the men would sick their dogs on it. They would place bets to see which dog would take the bull down first. Ie. Kill it.  The pitt bull got it's nickname as its jaws are so large and they are mighty strong and were the most likely to win the competition.   Pitt Bulls make horrible pets, as they are breeded for their strenght and aggression.  You can't breed that out of them.
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You are stupid.....and have never owned one of these great creatures. Maybe your just a cat person or wimp!!!

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