Is A Dog Suppose To Bleed A Day After Delivering Her Puppies?


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It is completely normal for a dog to bleed after having puppies as long as its as though shes having a heat than its nothing to worry about, and she may do so for up to a week after delivery. But if she is bleeding profusely or in excess you may want to contact your vet and seek their advice. She may have been badly torn during delivery and require stitches but this is rare. If it doesn't lighten up to the normal amount for a period within 24 hours than yes by all means call your vet just remember that if you do take her in the pups half to be taken with her otherwise she may no longer have anything to do with them when she returns home. Some animals WILL disown their young if they are not allowed to be with them at all times. And do be careful when handling the pups not only for the little ones sake but so that you don't get bitten by their hormonal mother as she may be very territorial and show aggression toward you or anyone else that SHE perceives as a threat to her young broad. You may not be but she MAY still see you as one, so please exercise caution and patience. Do not under any circumstances make sudden movements or show fear of her now or you will have problems. Good luck !!!

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