What Is The Best Thing You Can Do For A Staph Infection On A Blue Pit Bull Dog?


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You would need to see your vet for an exam and once they have taken a look and gotten an idea they will prescribe you the antibiotics/treatment that is most likely to work and any care instructions. No way to know what meds are needed or best without checking your pup out. Should be pretty inexpensive, an exam and your meds which you need from them anyway if it's a staff infection. Fungal infections can also appear very similar sometimes and need completely different types of meds and treatment.
Skin problems and blue dogs tend to go hand in hand though best when they don't of course. They even have things named after it, such as Color Dilution alopecia, a.k.a. CDA, a.k.a. Blue gene alopecia as it's pretty much genetically linked with the blue/dilute genes. You might want to look into that at this visit or if your problems continue.
Hope your baby is all fixed up soon.

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