What Can I Give My 3 Weeks Old Pups To Substitute The Mothers Milk?


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My emergency formula is 2 parts similac (baby formula) 1 part water w/ 1/2 tsp sugar. Warmed to the touch. Place in a large shallow plate. Try this after they've been awake & mobile for awhile & not feeding off Mom. The hungrier they are the most likely they will eat. Add in some esbilac at next feeding & a little more each time, They'll get use to the taste in a day or 2, till there only eating esbilac. In a week or so they could be trying wet food at any rate. 
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Cow's milk or human baby formulas are not appropriate for use in puppies and can lead to diarrhea.  It is best to use a puppy replacement formula.  There are other available commercial puppy milk replacers besides esbilac.  Other formula's are for emergency purposes only.  At 3 weeks puppies can be started on a puppy food mush to supplement nutrition and start the weaning process. 
Deciduous tooth eruption depends slightly on size and breed.  Typically incisors erupt at 3-4 weeks of age, canines 3-4 weeks of age, and premolars at 4-12 weeks of age.
If you have any concerns about the health or nutrition of these puppies have them examined by a veterinarian.  Puppies can fade away fast.
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Call your local vet.  They can tell you what is safe to use and they have the right formula you can use there and buy from there.  Good luck.
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puppy milk from a vet, some people start on puppies on food, now he's well.

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