My 3 Weeks Puppy Is Vomiting Milk And Water What The Vet Told Me To Give Hes Not Moving Just Lying Down And Crying?


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Go to the grocery store and get evaporated milk in a can. Only give the pup little amounts at a time. I am a lab breeder and our last litter the mama got sick. We started the pups on the regular puppy formula (which the vet told us to do) It made the pups sick. It was a little strong for them no matter how much water we mixed it with. If that doesn't work you need to do the pedialyte. Then if there are no improvements I would advise you to find a new vet.
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The best thing to do is go straight to the vet or emergency hospital.  Is this "milk" the mothers milk, puppy formula, or regular dairy milk (dogs and cats are lactose intolerant and cannot digest the milk that we drink)  It sounds like it may be far more serious than that though.  If it is a Chihuahua or toy breed it may be its sugar levels are too low and may need IV fluids--puppies need to be fed more times throughout the day and lesser amounts.  If  the puppy is dehydrated (you can tell when you use your thumb & index-finger and hold the back of the skin on the neck and release--the longer the skin stays in place the more dehydrated.  If signs of dehydration, stop milk and start pedialyte or other electrolyte liquid and give a little with a dropper. Take a rectal temperature reading if it is 101 or higher the pup has a fever.  It could be anything & really the vet has the best chance of figuring out what is causing this and the best treatment.
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See the thing is his mum passed away n i used to give him dairy milk so i took him to the vet and they told me give him formula milk and i gave him yesturday n today n he is more worse they told me they will inject him i dnt knw wht to dooo coz his vomit looks like there is cold in his stomach its yellow and where how do i say itt stickyyyy soo need more advice

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