Can I FEED My 4 Week Old Puppy Evaporated Milk?


2 Answers

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isiah tyler answered
Yes....but not much , puppies as you know will eat until they kill self control what so ever....
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KR- myopinions answered
Not a good idea. Puppy's must have puppy replacement formula. Human forms cause severe upset stomach and don't contain the necessary nutrition. Where's the dam? Weaning can be started right about now but only started. They should be with dam and littermates until at least 8 weeks and most reputable breeder's keep them 10 to 12 minimum. Aside from being illegal in most states pulling a pup so early can mean life long behavioral problems so I'd be concerned. I'd also be concerned about future health issues if you purchased the pup as if they let the pup go that early they can't be too knowledgeable about breeding or canine behavior either. SAD. Is the pup a rescue?

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