What Can I Feed My Bitch To Stop Her Milk Drying Up Pups Only A Week Old?


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Her puppies should be encouraged to suckle, that stimulates the milk. But you should talk to a vet or at the very least a breeder.
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Make sure you are feeding her a high quality food with some 'extra' like puppy formula or even canned variety is helpful. There is also a food called A/D you can get from your vet (also good with initial weaning) that you can add a little into their diet (not only though). Are you giving her a little nutri-stat or nutri-cal? You can also add a little (a little) puppy replacement formula to her food. Too much milk production can lead to problems too so you have to monitor carefully. Often it's because she didn't have many pups and they are spreading out so she isn't producing much in each, the nursing stimulates production (may also be normal). If you don't have a lot of pups try keeping them mostly to the back  (depending on how many pups you have which you didn't mention) and monitoring their nursing so those ones develop better production with enough for everyone if it's needed and monitor her milk for infection very closely.
Give your vet (or your mentor(s)a call and talk to them about it (you will probably be doing this a lot) since they know the details and are able to get the ones they need during discussion to help. It is also important to know whether or not she is actually not producing much or if the milk production is fine and normal before you try anything to step up production or it could cause problems so someone knowledgeable will be needed. Her milk just came in a few days ago so it may be completely normal. They produce colostrum where the pups get the bulk of their antibodies and the actual milk doesn't come in and start being produced until 3 or 4 days after whelp so things may be just fine and right on track at this point. You don't want to do the wrong thing so advise is always good.
You did your post whelp exam? If you haven't then you need to do that can and speak to them about this when you take her in. If the pups are free whelped (non c-section) the dam is examined 24 hours after to be sure there are no complications (rupture, torsion, prolapse hemorrhage ect.) and retained placenta's or pups to cause deadly infection. She may need or benefit from an injection to help clean her out faster at that time (also to try and prevent infection). The veterinarian will usually go over the next steps and more common danger signs and problems (like mastitis and eclampsia) for the nursing stage at that time. Good Luck.

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