Is it okay to feed a 5 week old kitten watered down tuna?


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Arthur Wright answered
Try it and see if he will eat it but just make sure no bones
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Watered down tuna no matter how liquidized it is should not be given to a 5 week old kitten, but maybe when its 8 weeks old.
It is better to consult a vet and give it mother's milk.
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You wouldn't really want to feed that. As a bigger part of the diet it would not contain the necessary vitamins and nutrition that your kitten would need and could cause serious health issues later down the road. Tuna also isn't great for their kidneys and can cause vitamin deficiency with serious consequences so isn't something you want to give often or in high amounts at any time or at any age to your kitty.
Make sure that what you are feeding is an adequate diet for a kitten. Don't use cow milk or human formula or anything like that. If it's not formulated for cat's and kitten's it may not have enough taurine in it and lack of taurine may lead to eye or even heart problems later in life. Many of the things we use also contain lactose and most cat's and kitten's are lactose intolerant so often make them ill among other things. An upset  tummy could dehydrate a young kitten very quickly and become a much more serious situation.
Weaning usually begins around 4 to 5 weeks old. In a shallow dish you can soften a dry kitten food and maybe add a little kitten replacement formula and some slightly warmer water to the mixture and gradually reduce the water or feed a canned kitten food. Fresh, clean water needs to be available at all times.
If you didn't do so at your new pet exam, remember to schedule your kitty's first set of shots in a few weeks. Have fun with your baby.
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Canned tuna is not good for cats or kittens. They make all kins of kitten foods in cans and dry. To encourage your kitten to eat the dry food, start off by wetting it down with warm milk. Also keep DRY food down for it at all times along with plenty of clean water. CATS NEED WATER!

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