My Puppies Are 2 Weeks Old When Can I Start Them On Soft Food. The Mommy Is Getting Pretty Thin?


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Ok first of all you need to get mommy some vitamins and extra food. They will starvetheirselve and let babies suck them to death.
You can start introducing soft food with dog replacement milk(found at walmart and feedstores and pet supply stores or vets offices not expensive) if they are still nursing water it down. Canned food, higher end foods are better, chicken, liver are better than beef or pork on their tummies, its not as hard to digest or at least in my experience. I would wait until they can walk around a little and hold their heads up so they don't drown it their food. They should start having tooth buds soon. I would also wait for this or they will not have the norishment from mom they need right now, even with replacement milk. Give mom lots of protein and bread and rice. Beef her up, I feed mine feed bread and rice with chicken broth and table scraps along with their food to help keep them beefed up. But don't rush your pups, you may need to seperate your pups from mom a few hours a day. I say in the next week, they are draining her,but you can't take them from her yet. Mom should start leading puppies to food when they are getting ready to feed themselves you just have to give them something soft enough. At 4 week when they have full front teeth you can remove them, for at least the day time. At 6 weeks they are ready to be sold. I have even seen pupied sold at 4 weeks though I do not recommend. But they should be off momma by 6 weeks and no later. I say start weaning at 3 weeks. Before then will hurt their health. Mommas sometimes have detachment issues and will not wean. I had a pit that was still nursing pups at 3 months old. They were biting her teets and I had to put them in a kennel. I didnt realize it until she snapped at them that they were still nursing. And looked at her tummy. I knew I couldnt get her fat like she used to be because they were draining her.oms will keep milk until a week or so after weaning just like people, it has to dry the glands up. But basically more food for her vitamins and rice bread and protein. You can even give her protein whey and rice with chicken broth. I do woth my big dogs and it doesnt hurt them, but you must feed them regular dog food. Feed stores have the best get a high protein content, and lower corn and additives. Porteins sticks with them the other stuff don't. Hope I helped.

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