Can My Dog Nurse Newborn Kittens?


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NUNYA BIZ answered
Yes! It should be a nursing dog's instinct, if the bitch is a nice dog. But kittens are so fragile, and dogs don't know there on strength. A quick reflex bite could be tragic. Please be careful & keep all interactions w/ the kittens completely supervised.


most local grocery stores carry "cat sip", milk formulated for kittens, but you'll need a feeder bottle if their eyes are still blue, otherwise use a shallow bowl or plate. You'll need to "lightly warm it up", but like a human baby, test it on your wrist first. Feed em at least every 3.5 hrs.

Fyi: It's important that they're pooping. If no poop-poop, you need to "mimic" what the mother does, but not exactly, she cleans their butts with her tongue, which stimulates poop-poops. So you'll need to gently wipe their behinds with a clean warm wash cloth.

Kittens are so cute & fun. You're so lucky, congratz!
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Holden Rai Finn answered
If your dog is also lactating (giving milk), then yes she can. That is, if she allows the kittens near her and if the kittens latch onto the nipples. (In my experience, newborn kittens will try to suck on anything, so this shouldn't be a problem.)
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I just came home and my female Siamese had  given birth (sometime this afternoon) to 6 kittens.  My female poodle/bis chon frise mix has been anxiously awaiting these kittens and has milk.  When I came in, the dog had confiscated 3 of the kittens and made a nest in my closet.  I gave them back to their mother and my dog is heartbroken.  I think these kittens are way too small for her to care for them, however, they were all doing well and my sweet dog, Rita did an excellent job cleaning them up.  Any advice?

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